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Muslim Mutual Cooperation Foundation (MMCF) is a non-profitable platform in Pakistan which was established in 2015. MMCF is Striving to upgrade the living standard with highly qualified and well-trained team which is highly ambitious to oblige the masses without any procrastination. MMCF is leading the people to alleviate the poverty by educating and financing so that people may get stance to get their fundamental and basic rights. We believe and admire the importance of every living entity without any discrimination of gender, color, creed and race. We believe to serve the humanity beyond the limits of religious conflicts.

What We Do


Every life is precious no matter whose and from where.


Prosperity of nations depends upon education.

Food for Starving

Starvation like a hungry man is an angry man. 

Facilitation of Water

Diseases are spreading because of unavailability of drinkable water.

Women Empowerment

Daughters and sons equally deserve to have our love and affection without any difference.

Collective Marriages

Marriage is a ceremony which is hold for the binging of new life with partner.

Interest Free Micro-Financing

Earning livelihood is a dream of every person. A small step towards a self-business leads to a prosper future. 

Environmental Awareness

.Environmental awareness is an integral part of the movement’s success.

Volunteer! There Are So Many Ways to Lend a Helping Hand

Striving to change the misery into prosperity, so that everyone may enjoy the life. A small effort can do matter to those who are sighing for everything.

Watch How

Trees Planted

Tree-planting Campaigns. The act of selecting, planting and caring for a tree can also sends a powerful message that you care about the environment


Food For The Poor initiatives. We also support individual economic and community development programs that help reduce poverty.


Overcoming extreme poverty in the world can seem insurmountable. But together, we can dramatically change lives for those who struggle to survive.


your business can help save lives today while helping to ensure a better tomorrow for those suffering in extreme poverty

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  • Campaigns 82% 82%
  • Research & Development 10% 10%
  • Management 6% 6%
  • Organization Growth 2% 2%


  • Campaigns 74% 74%
  • Research & Development 12% 12%
  • Management 10% 10%
  • Organization Growth 4% 4%


  • Campaigns 84% 84%
  • Research & Development 14% 14%
  • Management 6% 6%
  • Organization Growth 2% 2%


  • Campaigns 80% 80%
  • Research & Development 15% 15%
  • Management 5% 5%
  • Organization Growth 0% 0%


A vast majority is deprived off basic needs and facilities while in contradictory situation a specific group enjoys most of perks and privileges. Education and Health are the basic elements which are far away from the poor. Society is striving to harmonize the alarming issues and looking towards those who can attempt for precautionary measures. this is the vision from the day established of this organization to minimize this gap by bringing people close without any discrimination

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